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Our Virginia Wine Selection

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Hi, I am Pete,

We carry wines from around the world and offer an excellent selection over an affordable price range. What differentiates this store is the display of wines based on price ranges rather than just region as a main criteria. This allows you to find wines in a price range and palate suitable for the occasions.

Especially check out our large selection of Virginia wines. Need help in picking a wine for special occasions or just pairing it with dinner at home? Red or white, dry or somewhat on the sweeter side? We will find something for you. We make selection easy

You may have had a great wine at a local restaurant or while traveling.and now try to buy it. If you remember the type, name and origin we will try our best to locate that special wine.

Oh, and don’t miss out on our wine tastings.





Bright pale pink. Aromatically subtle with elegant strawberry notes, typical of a good Tempranillo. Soft floral touches are reminiscent of grapefruit with a light undercurrent of anise. A friendly entry denotes a great deal of volume and a pleasant texture, giving the wine a long finish.

Pairs well with all kinds of tapas; oily fish like tuna and salmon; pasta and rice dishes; and pizza.

Pale pink, with peony-like coloring. It possesses a complex nose reminiscent of red berries and fresh ripe white peaches. A very pleasant wine which embraces one’s palate with a pleasant and harmonious lightness.

Will perfectly accompany an octopus salad with olive oil and balsamic vinegar, grilled rock fish, red mullet and sea bream, as well as a Tagliatelle with Bolognese. It can also be very well appreciated as an aperitif.

Colour Lively, vivid rose pink. Some salmon
Nose Pleasant, intense, floral and mineral.
Palate Well balanced with freshness
combining red currants and berries tight
Finish Splendidly fresh and long





It’s good to see a wine in that increasingly rare sight: a Provence skittle-shaped bottle. This is a light and fruity wine from vineyards on the Massif des Maures, close to the sea. It has a bright crisp aftertaste with plenty of acidity to keep it all very crisp.

Rose wine flavored with natural grapefruit aromas, and light alcohol content. The association of the pomelo vivacity and the wine crispness gives a feeling of freshness and refinement. An explosion of fruits with an elegant touch of bitter sweetness. For centuries, French wines have set standards to inspire winemakers around the world.

It’s a blend of mostly Garnacha with 10% Cabernet Sauvignon for complexity and color.  And there’s plenty of color – the wine almost fluoresces in the glass with the brilliant pink taking on almost lavender highlights. The aromas are just as exuberant as the color – big scents of watermelon granite, ripe strawberry, blood orange, and even a little white pepper.  The wine dances across your palate with juicy lemon acidity carrying flavors of candied watermelon, red berries, and plenty of sweet/sour citrus.  It finishes dry and crisp, with a Jolly Rancher-like tang to the lingering watermelon, tangerine, and orange zest flavors.  There’s a lot of complexity – and even more fun! – here, especially at this very attractive price.

Passion fruit, kiwi fruit and hints of strawberry mark the nose of this wine. It’s strident, intense and a bit one-dimensionally fruity, yet packs a lot of flavor into a refreshing, medium-bodied wine.

The Monastrell Rosado comes from high elevation vineyards located in the northern part of the DO on rocky, limestone-rich soils. This allows the Castano family to harvest ripe, concentrated fruit for their rosé that retains a lovely balanced acidity. In recent years Castano has move from a saignée style to a direct press of Monastrell resulting in a pink wine that is more delicate, refreshing and loaded with cherry and raspberry flavors with just a hint of herbal aromas.

Our dry, Merlot based rosé is fresh and crisp with notes of grapefruit, lime, watermelon, and a light grassiness on the nose. Throughout the palate, a lifting acidity carries flavors of bitter cherry, peach, and rose petal. Friendly with lighter fare, this wine is also a great companion for the porch or patio.

The 2017 Des Amis Rosé truly catches your eye with a beautiful salmon color with a burnt orange tinge. A classic rosé. The first time I put my nose in the glass, I described it as smelling refreshing and really pretty. Aromas of watermelon, tangerines, cherry, and orange blossoms are as enticing as any wine I’ve ever smelled. On the palate, these great summer flavors come alive but are so balanced and subtle, that I describe as a cucumber water character. A wonderful chalky and mineral character, floral background, and bright acidity with the summer fruit flavors are amazing. Imagine Zooey Deschanel singing Summer Wind standing in a field of wild flowers in a sun dress. Put that into a bottle. That’s the 2017 Des Amis Rosé.

White peach, cherry and cranberry fruits are coupled with attractive scents of white tea, talc and peony on the nose of this wine. There’s a subtle texture to the lightweight palate, thanks to notes of lime pith and bitter melon rind. It’s well balanced and easy to like.

Full of fruit flavors (raspberries and cherries), crisp and refreshing. Great cherry aromas. The mouth is full and the finish is well structured and long. Great with spicy cuisine!