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Our Virginia Wine Selection

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Hi, I am Pete,

We carry wines from around the world and offer an excellent selection over an affordable price range. What differentiates this store is the display of wines based on price ranges rather than just region as a main criteria. This allows you to find wines in a price range and palate suitable for the occasions.

Especially check out our large selection of Virginia wines. Need help in picking a wine for special occasions or just pairing it with dinner at home? Red or white, dry or somewhat on the sweeter side? We will find something for you. We make selection easy

You may have had a great wine at a local restaurant or while traveling.and now try to buy it. If you remember the type, name and origin we will try our best to locate that special wine.

Oh, and don’t miss out on our wine tastings.



The area demarcated as ‘Sancerre’ encompasses Sancerre itself and 14 parishes on the left bank of the Loire – from Montigny in the south to Bannay, 14 miles (22km) to the north. There were nearly 6900 acres (2800ha) of vines producing Sancerre wine in 2005, roughly double the acreage recorded when the title was introduced in November 1936.
In true French style, the terroir here is credited with the very particular aroma and flavor of Sancerre and it has been intricately studied and mapped. The key soil types are divided into limestone, marl stone, clay of various compositions and the all-important flint. Limestone and flint are the two most important. Both have excellent heat-retention and light-reflecting properties, helping the vines to achieve optimal ripeness in the cool growing season. The mineral qualities traditionally found in both Sancerre and Pouilly-Fume wines are neatly encapsulated by the two descriptors ‘flinty’ (pierre a fusil) and ‘chalky’, and are typically linked to the soil type of the vineyard where the grapes were grown.
While less fruit-driven than many modern styles of Sauvignon Blanc (from Marlborough or the Casablanca Valley, for example), there is a reliable fruity element in almost all Sancerre wines. This tends towards gooseberry and citrus characters, which work in harmony with the wines’ high acidity and complement the mineral rather than dominating it.
This gorgeous, bright, medium pink wine leaps from the glass with a bountiful nose of crushed raspberry and ripened strawberry, orange zest and lilacs. The palate follows suite with redolent fruit flavors of cherry, guava, strawberry, and Honeycrisp apple. This is a classic, whole-cluster pressed Rosé crafted with purpose from the outset. Light and fresh enough to cool you down on a hot day, but rich enough to share the table with all of your summer cook-out fare. This is a must have for your Spring and Summer enjoyment!

Straw yellow color , bouquet of exotic fruits, white flowers, fruity, elegant, fresh and lightly bitter in the mouth.

Red ruby when young with a tendency to a garnet red with ageing. Blackberry, prune, forest berry and fruity aromas. Dry with a balanced acidity and slightly tannic.

Deep, complex aromatics are accented by dark cherry and a touch of cranberry. Barrel aging lends vanilla notes and hints of baking spices to the flavor. The mouthfeel is rich and concentrated from the low yields & warm climate of the Rogue Valley. The wine has great depth yet is very balanced and finishes with a delicate so texture. 
Medium Body

For those who like a hint of sweetness and a ton of dark jammy fruit flavors, this wine is a no-brainer. A blend of 50% Zinfandel plus Barbera, Syrah and Petite Sirah, it smells and tastes chocolaty, berry-like and superripe, and has a velvety texture that soothes the palate.
90points WE

Our principal multi-varietal blend is for radical inclusion, reflecting how everything is better when we all work together. It is in privilege to the fabulous women who have graced my life and the wonderful men who have supported me along the way. The singular Grenache Syrah Mourvèdre blend reflects the complementary nature of these varietals and the collaborative spirit of my wine community. A wine for everyone, anytime. Label art by Andrew Harner.

Luscious wild strawberry and raspberry are edged with exotic spice in this expansive pinot noir.   Nuanced and smooth, this wine pours on a silky, mouthwatering finish.

Gerberas, Garnacha (2017)