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In Vino Veritas

Our Virginia Wine Selection

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  Friday May 24TH from 5 to 8

Smoky stone-fruit aromas lead to a fresh and zesty feeling palate that hits firmly with plum, raspberry and citrus flavors. The finish on this rosé Cava is solid but gaseous, with red-fruit and citrus flavors to spare.

Intense color. Blue and violet hues. Medium-bodied Bonarda. Spices, black fruits, blueberries and blackberries, and subtle acidity on the palate. Typical varietal character with a hint of minty eucalyptus.

Visual phase:
Straw yellow with intense, clean and bright green tones
Aromatic phase:
Medium-high intensity, tropical notes, pineapple, passion fruit, melon and floral, jasmine, orange blossom.
Tasty phase:
Mouth fresh, white fruit, apple, banana and citrus. very balanced

. Qua Guapo is a handcrafted wine that blends three complementary grape varieties to achieve greater flavor complexity, elegance and intrigue than one can traditionally exception from a single variety wine. Medium bodied with bright-red hues, fresh berry and spice aromas, this easy drinking wine with delicious juicy, subtle flavors lives up to the promise of its name.